STARBURST MAGAZINE Issue 485 [Spring 2024] (Horror Special)

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Satisfy your love of all things horror with our monster-sized cover feature, THE FUTURE OF FEAR, an exhaustive guide to all of the brand-new movies, TV shows, and video games that will be invading your screens over the coming years! 

Also in this issue:

- Get that power armour on, because we’re stepping out of the vault to explore the wasteland of the upcoming FALLOUT TV series!

- In the first of our timely GHOSTBUSTERS features, we meet the creative team behind Back in Town, a new comic book series bridging the gap between Afterlife and Frozen Empire. And while the big-screen antics continue, our second article takes readers back to the ‘80s for a retrospective (or should that be ‘Ecto-spective’?) on THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.

- THE FIRST OMEN director Arkasha Stevenson takes confession with us as we investigate the return of this classic film franchise.

- Action legend DOLPH LUNDGREN tells us about his latest movie, which sees him directing as well as punching!

- In the first volume of THE 1001 BEST MOVIES YOU’VE (PROBABLY) NEVER SEEN – our new ongoing feature where the lesser-known gems are brought into focus - we’re covering an alien invasion of a radio station, blaxploitation vampires, the excitingly titled Sexy Killer, and more!

- LILY SULLIVAN quickly became a star after Evil Dead Rise, and now talks about her latest film, the enigmatic sci-fi drama Monolith.

- It didn’t take long for the horror films featuring the lead character from Disney’s Steamboat Willie to arrive, did it! Simon Phillips, the guy behind the mask (as well as co-writer and producer) squeaks some leaks on what to expect from the upcoming movie, MICKEY’S MOUSE TRAP.

- In honour of her 40th birthday, we throw the spotlight on He-Man’s twin sister, SHE-RA: PRINCESS OF POWER, and find out how the character transcended her cynical birth.

- JOHN BILLINGSLEY, best known as Star Trek: Enterprise’s eccentric doctor Phlox, talks Trek, Twin Peaks, and True Blood.

- We speak to Alan Friswell, the man selected by legendary stop-motion artist RAY HARRYHAUSEN to preserve his work.

- Our deep dive into the archives of the Certified STARBURST Classic continues, with not one but three entries this issue! First up is the dystopian British TV series from the ‘70s, SURVIVORS

- Now that Justin Roiland’s departure has been neatly shoved under the carpet, RICK AND MORTY continues with two new lead voice actors – let’s find out what they have to say ahead of Season 7's Netflix debut!

All this and much, MUCH more!

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