STARBURST Issue 484 [Winter 2023] (The Toxic Avenger)

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Just in time for THE TOXIC AVENGER’s big-screen return and the milestone anniversaries of not only the hulking, green-hued hero himself, but the infamous movie studio that birthed him too, TROMA ENTERTAINMENT’s fearless leader LLOYD KAUFMAN joins us for an exclusive chat chronicling the entire history of his most iconic creation. Here’s to you, Toxie!

Also in this issue:

- Hit horror director Damien Leone teases what we can expect from Art the Clown’s next blood-drenched adventure, TERRIFIER 3.

- The votes have been tallied, which means it’s high time we unveil what our team considers the very best movies and TV shows of the past twelve months in THE STARBURST FILM AND TELEVISION AWARDS 2023.

- With the release of DOCTOR WHO: ONCE UPON A TIME LORD, we speak to award-winning comic book writer Dan Slott about his first adventure through the Whoniverse!

- Ahead of Season 5’s launch, STRANGER THINGS creators The Duffer Brothers will first be treating us to an epic new prequel, The First Shadow. We shine a light onto what fans can expect with help from the cast...

- Because you’ll no doubt already be fed up to the gizzards with Mariah, our Christmas gift to you is A VERY MERRY STARBURST MIXTAPE – a countdown of our Top 10 geek-friendly seasonal tunes to get you through!

- We reminisce with director CATHERINE HARDWICKE on her risky, modestly budgeted vampire drama that immediately became a surprise global phenomenon 15 years ago this year... Twilight.

- JOE LYNCH spills the beans on his erotically charged new H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, Suitable Flesh.

- John Carpenter’s unforgettable THEY LIVE is highlighted in this issue’s deep-dive into our Top 100 archives.

- Oscar-winning filmmaker and editor THELMA SCHOONMAKER takes us through the keyhole to look at the restoration of 1960’s Peeping Tom, a controversial classic from her late husband, Michael Powell.

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer star JULIET LANDAU opens up about her first feature film as writer/director, A Place Among the Dead.

- Calling all grapple fans – get a rare look behind the mask of one of British wrestling’s most enigmatic characters, KENDO NAGASAKI, as the man himself tells us about his rise to superstardom.

- As well as being a celebrated musician, blink-182’s TOM DELONGE has also just helmed his first movie, Monsters of California. Tom joins us to talk UFO disclosure, directing Bigfoot, and the delights of practical effects.

All this and much, MUCH more!

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