STARBURST Issue 480 [Winter 2022] (Best of 2023 and Beyond!)

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Celebrate the most momentous movies and must-see TV heading to a screen near you over the coming years in our huge feature presentation: PREVIEWPHORIA!

Also in this issue:

- We talk with master filmmaker GUILLERMO DEL TORO about his long career and latest passion project!

- Meet the sick minds behind subversive new slasher movie, WINNIE-THE-POOH: BLOOD & HONEY! (Nope, we’re not kidding.)

- Actors ALAN TUDYK and DANI PUDI fill us in on their iconic new roles as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee!

- Authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone turn back the pages on their monster-hit FIGHTING FANTASY book series!

- Take a deep dive into the storied history of Adult Swim, the US cable network that gifted the world a much-needed dose of daily weirdness; from the likes of TIM & ERIC all the way to RICK & MORTY!

- Punisher star THOMAS JANE discusses the undead!

- The creators behind BLADE RUNNER 2039 take us into the future to glimpse their new tale of Replicants and Runners!

- Explore the cinematic legacy of Lucha Libra hall-of-famer EL SANTO

- HALO’s Master Chief himself, voiceover legend STEVE DOWNES, walks us through his career playing one of videogame’s most recognisable heroes!

- Revisit the beloved animated series DUNGEONS & DRAGONS as it turns 40-years-old!

All this… and much, MUCH more!

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