STARBURST Issue 478 [Summer 2022] (The Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made)

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We’re living through a Golden Age of Superheroes on the Silver Screen, but of the countless comic book movies released since the first in 1966 (“Holy trailblazers, Batman!”), which of them are the greatest of all? Look no further than our feature presentation this issue – THE SUPERHERO 66: THE BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIES EVER MADE. Will Marvel own the top spot, or does DC take it? The only way to find out lies in these pages! Sitting alongside our huge cover feature you’ll find over 100 pages of exclusive articles covering the best upcoming releases and classics alike, providing you with an indispensable guide to help shape your viewing habits over the coming months! The World’s Longest Running Magazine of Fantastic Films and Television is back with another essential issue, grab yours while stocks last!