STARBURST Issue 391 [August 2013] (Kiss-Ass 2)

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In this issue of STARBURST Magazine...

Starburst suits up with Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl in preparation for their highly anticipated sequel! Join us as we give you the lowdown on Kick-Ass 2, talk with director Jeff Wadlow, celebrate the career of the franchise’s Big Daddy himself, Mark Millar (who also stops by for a chat about the film, what lies ahead in Millarworld and lots more!), before hitting the streets in search of the REAL ‘Real-Life Superheroes’, where we meet Phoenix Jones and El Caballero, two of the movement’s most high-profile members!

ALSO: The legendary Lloyd Kaufman tells us about his new movie, Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 1, and more; ‘Who was that Masked Man?’ takes us back to 1933 to chart the creation of The Lone Ranger; acclaimed novelist Brian Aldiss sits down with us to discuss his illustrious career and final sci-fi novel, Finches of Mars; actor Sharlto Copely sheds light on the mysteries of Elysium; and Horror Obscura introduces us to the original Maniac