STARBURST Issue 386 [March 2013] (The Evil Dead)

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...STARBURST dares to delve into the legacy of the Evil Dead franchise and is possessed by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis as a result! Awaiting you beyond our Exclusive BOOK OF THE DEAD Wrap-Around Cover you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about Sam Raimi’s enduring horror franchise - from its humble origins, the innumerable comic book and videogame spin-offs, right up to the nervously anticipated remake. Jooooin us…


  • The original ‘action figure’ himself, G.I. Joe gets the retrospective treatment in time for his second cinematic outing
  • Demons Within begins our exhaustive history of Exorcism in the Movies
  • We go behind the scenes to talk with the crew of Angels & Airwaves’ acclaimed sci-fi drama, Love.
  • Interview with Charlie Brooker (on Black Mirror, his career, and more)
  • Interview with Before Dawn’s Dominic Brunt
  • Interview with Doctor Who’s Chris Chibnall
  • Interview with Sinister director Scott Derrickson.

PLUS: all your favourite columns, news, reviews and much more from the world of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy