STARBURST Issue 384 [Jan 2013] (Star Wars Special)

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In this issue…

...we journey back to our favourite ‘Galaxy far, far away’ in honour of that recent announcement by taking a sideways look at Lucas’ universe: just what was George’s original plan for Episodes VII-IX? What actually became of your favourite characters after Return of the Jedi? How much is that Blue Snaggletooth worth that you swapped for a bag of Monster Munch in 1978? And isn’t it time you gave those Ewok movies another chance? Find out the answers to all of these and more – including what STARBURST really thought of The Empire Strikes Back when it was first reviewed by the legendary John Brosnan in 1980 - in our new Star Wars special!


  • Our guide to the Tarantino-verse
  • The concluding part of Hammer and the Stake
  • Interview with Zombie Flesh Eaters and Survivors star Ian McCulloch
  • Interview with celebrated horror writer Darren Shan, author of the ZOM-B series
  • Prime Cuts: The Revenge of the BBFC
  • The STARBURST Top 40 Movies of 2012

PLUS: all your favourite columns, news, reviews and much more from the world of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy